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WordPress is a super easy content management system to make the website easily. If you are looking for the best WordPress simple theme and Woocommerce theme, yes you are right place.  Here we introduce with you the best 5  WordPress and Woo-commerce themes.

Electro- The Best Woo-commerce Simple Theme

Electro- The Best Woo-commerce Simple Theme

If you’re looking for one of the best and the most flexible WordPress themes, then Electro is what you need to opt for. It’s the amazing Electronics Store WooCommerce theme that will help you make the best out of your WooCommerce online store. Whether it’s an affiliate website, a vendor marketplace, or an electronics store, Electro will do wonders for your site, and the best part is that this theme is available at https://themesvila.com, who have a wide range of the best and Premium WordPress themes to choose from.

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Enfold-The Most Responsive WordPress Theme

If you want the best and the most user-friendly WordPress simple Theme for your website, then Enfold is a great option to go for. It’s a multi-purpose theme that comes with an effortless setup, and above everything, this theme comes with predefined content which makes it a must-try for you. If you want to get Enfold at a reasonable price then http://themesvila.com is where you need to be right now. They’ve got a huge collection of some of the most impressive premium WordPress themes at reasonable rates.

 The Features of Highly Responsive WordPress Theme-Enfold

As far as the features are concerned, Enfold is quite rich in this case and it will surely impress you once you get to know how well it can work for your site.

Responsive Layout

Enfold comes with a responsive layout and it will always fit the size of the screen of your user. For example, if your visitor will open your site on his phone, Enfold will easily and properly fit the phone’s screen size.

 Outstanding support

This Wp theme has the best customer support available. You can contact the customer support center anytime you want to, and they will guide you through every problem you are facing.

Easy And Quick Setup

Unlike the other WordPress themes, this one comes with an easy installation and setup process. It will take two minutes for you to set it up on your website.

Retina Ready

Your website needs to look attractive, catchy and it should be crystal clear for that, and what is the beauty of this amazing website theme. Enfold will look crystal clear beautiful on every phone.

These are just a few features of Enfold, and there’s a lot more to this premium WordPress simple theme. So, now wasting no more time get Enfold from http://themesvila.com and enjoy the fantastic experience.

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Flatsome-The Best Selling WordPress Theme

Flatsome is one of the best-selling and the most responsive WordPress theme that will bring your site to life once you use it. Whether you have a freelancer’s website, an online shop, or a company website, this WordPress theme will do wonders for you and currently, it is one of the most used wp themes. To get it at a reasonable price, you need to head to http://themesvila.com as they’ve got the best premium WordPress themes.

 Features of the Flatsome WordPress Theme

You might be wondering that out of all the other WordPress themes why you should opt for Flatsome. Well, if you really want to know then here are some exceptional features, they offer that might convince you.

You can build anything with it

As said earlier, this theme is for everyone who owns a website and the best part is that with this WordPress theme, you can literally build anything at all. For this, just go to the live page builder that comes with this theme, and then you can pick your desired things from the element library.

Speed optimization

Flatsome is the fastest WordPress theme at the moment and with it, you will see how fast your website loads.

It comes with a unique design

Do you wonder what makes Flatsome the fastest and the bestselling WordPress theme? Well, it’s the unique design with which it comes. It has the design that will suit almost any user.

Different languages

You can translate Flatsome to any language you want to. It comes with 12 different languages so yes, this isn’t something every WordPress theme will offer you.

Other features

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Easy Updates

If by now you think that this theme is worth a try, then don’t wait anymore and download WordPress themes at http://themesvila.com right now.


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Porto- A Multipurpose Woo-commerce Simple Theme

Porto- A Multipurpose Woo-commerce Simple Theme

Whether it’s a business or a WooCommerce site, you can opt for Porto because this WordPress theme is so far the best theme you will ever get. There are several elements and powerful features of this theme that will impress you a lot. The other multi-purpose themes are no doubt amazing, but they only provide e-commerce features whereas things are a little different when it comes to Porto and with it, you can enjoy WooCommerce features too.

This wp theme comes with super-fast performance, and it has a lot of options to choose from too. If you want Porto at a reasonable price, then you need to go to http://themesvila.com as they have some of the best and the most premium WordPress themes till date.

Features of Porto WordPress simple Theme

Porto is a feature-rich theme that is quite impressive especially for someone who wants to boost the performance of his website. It is suitable for most types of businesses out there so yes, you can choose it if you like easily.

1-Optimized for speed performance

Porto is optimized for speed performance, this theme can help you build an “A” class site in the best possible way and on top of everything building a site on Porto is extremely easy, and you don’t need any technical knowledge for it.

2-20 demos

There are total 20 demos that you get with Proto. Not only this there are hundreds of admin features of this theme so yes, using it can do wonders to your website.

3-Best customer experience

Thousands of people have rated this wp theme and its rating is 4.0 at the moment. So, yes, if so many people love it, then you will also have a great experience with it.

4-Regular updates

With Porto, you will get regular updates, and more and more features will be added at regular intervals.

5-Revolution slider

There’s a responsive slider system that comes with this WordPress theme, and it allows you to show images, videos, etc.

Other Features

  • Power admin panel
  • Easily customizable
  • Easy installation
  • Retina ready
  • Integrated with Quickview
  • SEO friendly

These are some of the best features of Porto wp theme and if by now you are convinced to use it, then don’t wait anymore and get it from https://www.themesvila.com right now.

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Jevelin – Multipurpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Jevelin - Multipurpose Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

Jevelin is a multi-purpose and mobile ready WordPress theme. It’s designed to get the best out of the powerful WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. You can use this theme to not only create a website for your projects but also to create fully functioning online stores. It also provides basic features for business, personal, and commercial websites. If you are interested, you can get this theme and many more premium WordPress Themes at affordable rates from themesvila.com.

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