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Did you know that Bluehost provides more than 2 million websites all over the World?

Are you looking for the best cheap shared hosting services? At that point, Bluehost may turn out useful for you. Their facilitating service controls over two million websites worldwide. That’s why it becomes a brand name in the best cheap website hosting realm.

Still, you may be wondering what makes it stand out in the mainstream. If that is the case, then the underneath information may make it crystal clear to you.

Bluehost lets its users launch their website with just a 1-click installation, cheap hosting with free SSL, Free domain, an enhanced easy-to-use cPanel,& 24/7 WordPress Support. On top of that, everything you see here is only available for $ 2.75 / month.


Now, do you find a zeal to grab this deal?  Hold on!  The cost of renewing it can drain your interest. So, before taking any decision, you should take fair knowledge about their service.

In today’s article, we will put light on every aspect that will help you to know whether Bluehost is a suitable option for you or not.

Alright then, without any further wait, let’s dive in-depth……

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Review of the Bluehost Company

Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth, the founder of Bluehost, started their journey in  2003. From that point forward, they foster comprehensive tools & other aids to millions of users across the globe. Plus, their in-house team members are committed to providing customer services around the clock – 24/7.

In the next, we will outline nitty-gritty information about the services they render.

About Bluehost

Products they offer

Bluehost is a solid & reliable company that offers cheap unlimited web hosting-related products along with domain names. That’s what we find in their catalogue. Alright then, take a look.

Shared Hosting 

Shared Hosting

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If you are on a tight budget & just started blogging or running a small business website, then this deal may become a good option for you. The term shared hosting means Bluehost provides the same space to multiple users. When you purchase this package, you get some other things too, i.g. an SSL certificate, domain name, etc. Apart from that, you are getting the best cheap shared hosting offer available here. So, If we talk about the pricing, then it ranges from $8.99 – $25.99 /mo.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting

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This option is specially designed for those who are willing to take blogging & website running as their profession. It can tackle huge traffic without slowing down your site. However, there are some differences between shared & WordPress hosting. The first one is the budget. The starting of WP hosting is $29.99/mo. So, If you are looking for the best cheap WordPress hosting, then you can look for some alternatives like SiteGround. Secondly, when you choose the shared option,  you can take the advantage of WordPress. But,  you will not get as much dedicated support as you can get in managed WordPress hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting

We can call this virtual Private Server a middle service between the hosting and a dedicated one. The users get access to a VPS web hosting account where all their resources remain guaranteed. Although you will share the space with other clients, still there is a wall that keeps your & others’ projects personal. People go for this only when they need a special server configuration.

Point to be noted, when you go with the VPS hosting, you will get full root access to the server. With this, you can either make commands or bring changes to the configuration. You also get the guarantee of RAM or CPU – which you cannot avail of with the shared one. Now coming to the price, here you have to spend only $29.99 – $119.99/ mo.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Traffic & your site speed are two such aspects that go hand in hand. When you get too much traffic on your site, it slows down the site’s speed. To tackle this situation, most people choose the dedicated hosting option. You have to pay $124.99 per month for this. Even though it isn’t the cheapest way to host a website, the support you get is worth contributing.

For example, Bluehost provides 4GB RAM when you purchase the dedicated hosting, but for shared it lends you 2GB only. So, Even if you are getting the same full customization & controlling option, you get more horsepower with a dedicated one.

Program they run

In today’s time, passive income has created great hype. Although you have to nourish it well in the initial stage, in the end, it pays off.

However, joining the Bluehost affiliate program lets you generate a decent amount of money. When you convince a customer to purchase their product, it gives you $65 in return. That is huge. And the best thing is you don’t need to sit tight for quite a while for getting approval. As soon as you register there, they will send you their affiliate link.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill up their registration form for free & become their next top affiliate marketer.

Supports they render

If you are new to web hosting, it is obvious that you will need support. New questions will arise in your mind day by day. Here, all you need is an assistant who will answer your questions.

For this, you have to make sure that you’re purchasing the hosting from a company that is ready to help you out. Sometimes we run into very complex problems as our sites go down. At that time it becomes very important to get help instantly.

For example, if your site is crashing on Sunday afternoon, getting help on Monday morning would not be a convenient option.

Fortunately, Bluehost customer service offers 24/7 support via live chats, phone, or email. Besides,  you will find a large database answering some common questions.


The Pros & Cons of Bluehost hosting

It will be biased if we show you only the positive sides of Bluehost. Before buying any service, you should check both advantages & disadvantages of that service. However, To find these things, you don’t need to go anywhere else but stay connected with us for a few more minutes.


  1. 99.98% uptime throughout the year: The first & foremost thing you should check in a hosting service is their uptime. During the research, we find out that 99.93% is considered a good uptime. Thankfully, Bluehost depletes this benchmark as its uptime remains 99.98% throughout the year.


2) Page loading speed: If it takes a few seconds extra to load your site, then you may lose a huge number of potential customers. Yes! It matters this much. Besides, Google is emphasizing mobile indexing these days. Therefore,  the average page loading time of Bluehost is 581 ms which is neither top-notched nor bad.

The average page loading time of Bluehost


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3) Affordable: For building a website, domain name & hosting service are two mandatory elements. The best part is Bluehost provides both at an affordable rate. They offer multiple hosting options as we said earlier. And the introduction price of the hosting service is $2.75/mo. After choosing anyone from the list, you will get free domain registration, 50 GB SSD storage, bandwidth, SSL certificate & much more.

The Best Secure hosting

4) Security:  Site security is the prime concern for any website owner. Besides, we are living in a world where technology has taken off everything. By taking advantage of this, some unscrupulous people try to damage the data of the users. Bluehost’s SSL certificate works against this and assures the users that – their information is completely secure here.  You can choose their higher tire plan. It offers Spam Experts add-ons, domain privacy protection, and server backups. Another great feature it offers is the site lock which gives protection against malware attacks.

5) Easy to use: Suppose, you buy cheap web hosting but if it is not beginner friendly then you will have to invest quite a bit to hire an expert. That’s where Bluehost enters the main play. The cPanel of Bluehost makes it extra convenient to use. Besides, The 1-Click installation takes it to the next level. The company also keeps some great advanced features available for experts.

6)  Money back guarantee: On the off chance that you’re not satisfied with their service, then they will refund your money. For details, you can check out the 30 days money-back guarantee policy by visiting their official site. But, no matter what – it is a win-win arrangement for you.


  • 1) Bluehost is a US-based service provider, so users from other regions may find slow browsing issues.
  • 2) The renewal rate is very high.
  • 3) The speed could be better.
  • 4) The cheapest hosting option of Bluehost comes with some heavy restrictions.

Customer Reviews

One thing we all do before investing our hard-earned money in anything. Yes, we go & check out the real customer reviews. For your convenience, here we enlisted some feedback from users.

“I’ve found Bluehost to be one of the easiest and most secure platforms to host our website. It has great features, but they also don’t get in the way if you don’t need them. The admin system is very intuitive, something that I’ve found lacking and problematic with many other providers. Would definitely recommend it.”

-S. Peter Kane, Founder at TheDailyPedal.com

I actually use Bluehost for 4 different domains. Bluehost was referred to me by a friend and I haven’t used anything else since. I also deleted all the emails in one account by mistake and they were able to recover it.”

– Josh Tebbs, Founder at PSG-ppe.com


Does Bluehost offer the best cheap cloud hosting?

As per the official site, the company no longer offers any cloud hosting plans. Instead of that, they provide shared, pro, WP, managed, VPS & dedicated web hosting alongside the domain name.

Is the Bluehost domain free?

Along with the hosting service, you will get a domain free for one year. Besides, if you have an already registered domain, then you can shift it into your Bluehost account as well.

Which Bluehost plan is best?

It would be best if you make your own decision considering your needs. If you ask us, then we will recommend the basic plan for those who are looking for a cheap option. Like, If you want to run simple websites i.g portfolio type, then you can also go with the basic plan. But, if you want to run multiple sites on a single account, then the Bluehost plus option may come in handy.

Do we recommend Bluehost Hosting?

After reading the entire part, the answer is obvious to you. Well, based on the performance, reliability, customer support & price –  It’s a big YES from us.

Going with the Bluehost service means you are getting a reliable platform to start your new journey. As a bonus, you will be able to get plenty of exciting features & add-ons at an affordable price point. Besides, the 30-day money-back guarantee makes it one of the most reliable hosting providers. Now, It’s your call whether you want to grab it or not.

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